Download it here:
MSieve (2-Jan-2006), 347kb


MSieve is a little application which loads a MAME-style XML file (in other words, the output of "MAME -listxml") and allows you to filter out games based on a configurable filter. Then you can save the resulting list in various formats.

  • Easy usage (less than 150 lines of documentation, if you wanna read).
  • Fast XML parsing (2-3mb per second in my ghetto PC) and hyperfast filtering.
  • Filtering by screen type, orientation, number of buttons or players, and type of controls.
  • Special support for filtering by cocktail (incomplete due to MAME limitations).
  • Four saving formats: MAME32 ini folder, Raw list, Title list, and Tab-delimited text file.

Although the application is not polished, I'm releasing it now as a 'public testing version'. Maybe in a near future, I'll add a couple more features and some polishment. Until then, MSieve works and can be used without problem.